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[about art]

Passion for natural phenomena and laws of physics creates unique, astonishing and real-world overcoming painters point of view, from which classic world objects are turned into contextual painting. Using abstract post-modernistic and visionary siurrealistic style, Inga Mrazauskaite portrays umbelievably magic natural elements, architecture and interior objects, enhancing it with unique personal experience. Every little detail inside drawings is like a mystery, hiding symbolical meaning – sacred element, which connected with whole vision of drawing creates contextual and multilayered puzzle. Here authentic lithuanian linen patterns fall into pieces in fantastic still-life paintings, textile transmutes into wall or the part of nature itself and universe is mixed with theories of physics. Strong feeling for a perfect light and playing with color balance gives extra focus for fantastic compositions. “Art is my life, music is my love, science is my passion” – shortly adds author.

Inga shares her unique attitude towards world, where value is not only what gives aesthetic satisfaction. Artist aims to involve spectator into more deeper dialogue with reflected symbolical visions inside pieces of art. “Most important is that individual could find sacred things that are obvious, but yet almost forgotten – reality is not about what you can touch, it is more like what you can feel about it”.



2018 11 22 - 2018 12 22_Group exhibition "Colored Nymphs & Titans" at "Godo" Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2018 06 20 - 2018 07 25_Exhibition “Visatos” (in the event to mark 100 years of Restoration of Lithuania initiated by Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Austrian Republic), at Gloggnitz castle, Gloggnitz, Austria.

2018 06 04 - 2016 07 01_Group exhibition at APgallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2018 05 14_One day gruop exhibition of plainair participants “Paroda nr.3” at LOFTAS, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2018 02 20 - 2018 02 28_solo exhibition "Gelmės" at Seimas of Republic of Lithuania, II Rūmai gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2017 11 07 - 2018 01 17_solo exhibition at "J9 Vaidilos" theater, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2017 08 01 - 2017 08 19_solo exhibition "Deep Sleep" (Gilus miegas) in "Pylimo gallery"

2016 10 10 - 2017 01 10_solo exhibition "Visatos" (Universes) in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2015 10 28 - 2015 10 31_solo exhibition in Business Center "Victoria" organised by "AP gallery", Vilnius, Lithuania.

2015 09 21 - 2015 10 18_exhibition in Temporary Art Space "Miške" project, Vilnius, Lithuania. 

2015 07 15 - 2015 08 10_solo exhibition "Gelmės" in Lithuanian National Commision for UNESCO gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania .

2014 05 29 - 2014 05 30_solo exhibition "Secret Exhibition" in a private studio, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013 08 03 - 2013 09 22_young artists exhibition “Kurorto istorijos: Skaidrumas”, Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania; (painting: “Imprints”).

2013 02 01 - 2013 02 22_painting exhibition in Nuova Galleria dArte la Piccola gallery in Italy, Bologna.

2012 12 19 - 2013 02 17_exhibition of the international project "Young Painter Prize" finalists and winners in J.Miltinio theater and gallery “A galerija”, Panevezys, Lithuania.

2012 11 24 - 2012 12 15_exhibition of the international project "Young Painter Prize" finalists and winners in CONTEMPORARY ART FESTIVAL “VIRUS’17”,Siauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai, Lithuania.

2012 10 11 - 2012 11 03_exhibition of the international project "Young Painter Prize" finalists in the gallery of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012 06 07 - 2012 06 23_solo exhibition „Ilgesys“ (Longing) in Lietuvos aido gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2009 07 20 - 2009 09 20_painting Exhibition “Sapnu teatras” (Dream Theater) in restaurant “Adria”, Vilnius, Lithuania.



2005 - 2009_Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Bachelor's degree in art.

2009 - 2011_Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Master's degree in art. [Project awarded by “Swedbank”].